Big pendant lamp made of copper, 35x35x31cm

Big pendant lamp made of copper, 35x35x31cm
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Designer copper chandelier in black is a relatively laborious handmade. Inner color in copper color. This original luminaire is a decorative addition to the interior. Standard mounting on E27 clamps. Shades are for bulbs up to 40W max

Copper plays a major role in the Western world, in communications technology and in industry. Copper pipes are used to supply hot and cold water to homes. The material helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and funghi thereby greatly contributing to the purity of the water we drink. Copper is corrosion resistant. It is 100% recyclable. It is hard to find another metal in nature that is both beautiful and useful with such versatile use.

In Bali, copper is used to produce beautiful interior decotations. Copper bowls, bowls, trays, large containers or chandeliers and lamps give your interior an exotic touch.

LED lamps must be used in these luminaires. Easy miantenance by wiping the surface with a household derergent with water.

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