Pedestal of fossile wood, 35x29x40 cm, black, petrified wood

Pedestal of fossile wood, 35x29x40 cm, black, petrified wood
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Each individual fossil wood pedestal is a unique individual, each has its own color structure, each is an original. It can serve as a unique decoration for the garden, but also a useful element for the interior. 

Fossilised wood or otherwise fossil wood is also petrified wood among the unique features up to 200million years old. Cemical elements, such as manganese,iron and copper, that occur in water or swamp during the process of fossilization, give the wood a wide variety of different colours. Fossilized wood retains its original structure in the process. On the toughness scale F. Mohse bears the designation number 7, as does quartz. Although it is very hard, it is also very fragile. In the world, fossil wood is highly valued.

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